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Price: 1200/month
Sessions: 8 sessions/month or twice a week

This course lays the groundwork required to advance to sketching portraits. It will improve your drawing skills in scenery, still life and memory drawing.


You will learn the fundamentals for sketching like:

1. Draw with basic shapes & support lines

2. Learn to draw creatively

3. Various pencil shading techniques

AND much more

Check the YouTube link for Reviews & testimonials for Dipti's Sketching Class.



About your Instructor

Dipti has worked with Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Painting, Pencil Sketching, Soft Pastels and many more media. Since the past 15 years, Dipti has been using Art to Add Colour to Everyone's Life. She believes in using Art to decorate commonly used items like purses, clothes, and interior of homes; not letting art die in books and sheets. Dipti has taught everyone, right from small kids of 5yrs to elderly folks of 80yrs. Her simple instructions, proficiency in English, Hindi & Gujrati; her attitute of perfection and love for art will make this course very enjoyable.

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