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The Artist 's Story

It was a time ago when Dipti Dedhia had discovered that art is never limited to innovation and development. Creativity has limitless boundaries and she dreamt to bring a change in routine lifestyle by hopping off to conduct multiple classes, courses, and workshops for individuals who wish to keep a stress-relieving activity in their daily life. She extended this for toddlers whose parents hope to see their child create artistic paintings, 3D artworks, and other impressive masterpieces.

Right before you, Dipti Dedhia is now a full-time visionary art tutor and mentor to many students under her in various courses. Not only for tutoring but she is appreciated for taking individual's orders for realistic people portraits, home decor paintings, 3D mural and sculptures during Indian fest like Ganesh murtis, religious yet adorable Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva sculptures and much more!

Dipti Dedhia.jpg
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